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  1. Jason Hammack

    We have a winner!!! Wow that was really quick.@abelopez guessed Kearney Blvd.

  2. BigENuff

    Darn…just got online at 7pm Arizona time and scrolled down and you already have a winnah….now look at you California guys…..LOLWill give it a try next Friday Jason…but I would have guessed Kearney Blvd too…looked familiar…Thanks for the gigUncle Butch

  3. Jason Hammack

    RT @captainblowdri: It looks like Kearney BLVD to me. Not far from where my dad had a gas station 55 years ago<Yes but some one guessed it already!

  4. Jason Hammack

    @BigENuff didyou know you can connect your comments to twitter on my site

  5. Jason Hammack

    RT @Abelopez: @davejunkie I didn’t even watch the video. I knew the second I saw the picture.< that is way cool. You know Fresno bro

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