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  1. Jason Hammack

    We have a winner already @fresyes got it. He said Audubon (heading west)

  2. BigENuff

    Dang….I just got to the findmefriday site and didn’t even get a chance to view the pic and you said you already have a winnah !!!!! Hey wait a minute….we all need to start at the same time so some of us retired ol turkeys can have a chance don’t ya know…..LOL

  3. BigENuff

    I think I will stay online, hooked up to your findmefriday site, and just wait for the video to upload on Friday and maybe I can have a chance to guess where you are….have been…..going….well anyway, you know what I mean…LOLBigEnuff….day late and dollar shorts…LOL

  4. Jason Hammack

    RT @ignium: @davejunkie lol. Were there right now (heading East though) #FindMeFriday

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