Where Am I….

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Where Am I in Fresno?
There is a Bonus question this week. What refreshments establishment is on this street?
This week there is a prize for each question. So there will be a prize for the 1st person to name the place and a prize for the bonus question.

4 Responses

  1. BigENuff

    Dang…now Look at You!!! I see the water tower….and I have seen it before….but where have I seen it is the question….?????Uncle Butch

  2. BigENuff

    You are over on the west side of town around E street somewhere ???Uncle Butch

  3. Jason Hammack

    we have winners @fresyes and @jbmendoza. The place F street and Ventura. The refreshments establishment: Full Circle Brewe

  4. Jason Hammack

    @fresyes and @jbmendoza I will get a hold of you guys and get your prizes to you. Thanks for playing

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