What Matters in the End

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Is death failure? Why are we so afraid of death? What makes us avoid that conversation?

I was listening to this podcast and Atul Gawande says it not about “how do we fight against death”, it is not about “how do I fix this (Death)”, it is not about “do you fight death or do you give up”. The question really is what are we fighting for? What are you or I living for? What are the reasons that you want to live for?

Lots of people might not know the answer immediately when you ask them. I know for me that is a big question that I have a hard time articulating. I am looking for a bullseye. Yet I have lived this long with something motivating me… what is it that is motivating me?

I have been on a real hard journey the last few years. I have wrestled with many issues that I have collected along my journey of life.? It is coming close to the end of the year and that question is on my mind “What am I living for?” It pushes me into reflecting on my life and assessing where I am and where do I want to go. I hope this year I can be more honest with myself. I hope I can take the risk that is needed to live!

I have a sign out on my patio that was given to me by an ex-girlfriend.?It is a constant reminder to me.

Live the Life You Imagined

As this year comes to a close. I want to be encouraged by these things as I reflect on what this last year has been. I want to remember that I have the ability to “Live The Life That I Have Imagined”

I can't hear you?