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Twitter took off from simple to ‘tweet’ success –

what are you doing?

I have been using twitter for a long time, before it got its first “It is getting big”? news back in March of 2007. A little side not, I started wondering really how far back did I join Twitter. To my suprise I found a message dating back to 11/30/06 and I am sure I was using before that. I always like to find stuff before the masses and generally the kind of guy that roots for the underdog also.

Twitter is a really interesting blend of a couple technologies; instant message chat and statuses, SMS and in a way blogging. I personally use it on my phone more than any other place. I have an unlimitted txt plan so it doesn’t matter how many messges I get. There are a couple of ways I use twitter.

News updates is on way I like to use Twitter. Techcrunch sends out a tweet just about everytime they have a blog post. BreakingNewsOn is breaking news on twitter faster than regular new channels by about as much as an hour. There are many other blogs and news sites out there that someone might be interested in.

An other way I use Twitter as a command line application interface to a few third party web applications. Remember the Milk is a task manger that I have come to love and and can not live without. Remember the Milk has the abilty to send reminders to your phone through twitter. Gcal (google calendar) can do this also. I also track my milage with My Mile Marker. I just tweet my odmeter reading and the gallons and the price to My Mile Marker and it does all the rest.

The relational way i use Twitter is with my family and friends that live out of town. My dad @captainblowdri is an pilot for United. So he isn’t always around his computer or in a place to talk on the cell phone, but texting to twitter what his doing and where he is flying is easy. It keeps me up to date with where he is and I actually get a good glimpse into the life of a pilot. I just signed my brother @jeremyhammack up as well now both of us get dads @captainblowdri updates. I also have a friend that is down in SOCAL that has been diagnosed with cancer, which sadens me greatly, she gives updates on what is going on with her life and struggles. I get those right to my phone, no checking the web or email. I have also connected to people that live all around the world. By tweeting you get to find people that have things in common with you. So there is a community to find on twittier too. So the skys the limit to what twitter will be used for next, but I diffinitely see it being a big player in communication in the future.

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    So – what is going on here – both RTM and Twitter are down?

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