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Untilled soil, however fertile it may be, will bear thistles and thorns; so it is with man’s mind.

Teresa of Avila

I was hiking a few months ago and passed through this big field of dead thistles. I felt somewhat unsettled, and there was this tension of death and beauty that were co-existing. Something attracted me to these three thistles. There they stood tall in a vast see of thistles that once bloomed and now have died.

They lived a short life, from my perspective. I would imagine they lived the life of a typical thistle. Yet even in death, they made a difference. Maybe it was just to me. but it was enough! Enough for me to take out my phone and capture what I felt. It was enough to motivate me to go find a quote and to write something about these thistles. What in your life is Enough?

What thistles do you have running around in your mind? What is your soil going to grow?

I can't hear you?