There Must be Another Way

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I appreciate Gerald having the courage to get on that stage and be vulnerable with this big of an audience.Something Geralds says in his story that got me thinking.

Praying to the gods of my time, for success and money and power. But over and over again, midnight struck, and I opened my eyes to see that all these gods were dead.

There is so much I can connect with in the is guys life. There is so much emotion that wells up inside me when I hear Gerald’s Story.

This guy followed so many things waiting for the Savior and yet the Savior never came. I too search for the Savior, mine looks different though. Mine is a cute girl or an Amazon box at my doorstep, or maybe that perfect job (the dream Job). I have run down so many roads looking for something to save me, only to be juked or like Gerald said ” duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled” In this 15-minute story of Gerald’s?journey there is a lot of things he has put his faith in.

As my journey seems to not have an endpoint. I find as I continue to march forward, I encounter many things, some big obstacles and others more like a speed bump. One practice I find very important is meditation. The practice of Meditation allows me to experience being present and work on being OK with now.? As I become more patient with life and I become more familiar?with the silence that exists, I find my desire to seek something to save me is less today.


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