Super Squirrel

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Squirrel looking for hand outs

This summer me and my girlfriend decided to head up Bend Oregon for a couple of days. We split the drive in to two days. On the second day we left Chico, Ca and wanted to spend some time at Crater Lake, it was only 20 minutes off the beaten path.?We had spent most of the day at Crater Lake. ?Following?our?picnic on the edge of the lake,??we headed out but decided to stop at the last look out. ?It was here I observed the little ground squirrels on the other side of a short rock fence. Something made me whistle at them a few times, like they were dogs or something. To my?surprise?one came closer to my side of the rock fence and then another came. They scurried off just as fast as they came but staying close around the rock fence. Jana was sitting in the car so I called out to her “Come check out these little guys”. Jana hurried out of the car to the rock fence and she had brought some wheat thins that she was munching on. Jana reached out a wheat thin to entice them and it was all over. These squirrel were no strangers to wheat thins or for that matter any people food. So now you know what is on the other end of this picture, Jana with a wheat thin.

I can't hear you?