Pearl Jam July 16, 1998, at Arco Arena

Each concert I have been to has its own story. This was my 1st Peal Jam concert.

My friend Troy and rented a car to drive to Arco Arena for the night. I can’t remember what the car was or what color.

If I remember correctly we met some other friends who lived in Sacramento at the time. We did some pre-concert activities before the concert. We got to the arena early enough to wait in a long line. Once the gates opened we squeeze our way into the arena. The concert was amazing. Pearl Jam has so much energy, it was electric.

The energy increased 10 fold with Even Flow -> Jeremy -> Daughter. I vividly remember Rear View Mirror. I felt it through my whole body. Finishing with Porch on the 1st encore was mind-blowing. The energy never died down the whole show no matter how slow the song was. I would have loved to see what my heart rate was during that show. The second encore was the best match possible with Yellow Leadbetter.

We finally made it out to the parking lot. We could not remember where we parked. IT was a rent a car and neither one of us could remember what color or what brand of car we had rented. The car did not have an alarm so we could not look for the lights to blink off and on. we walked around for probably an hour. We had to wait until most of the cars were gone before we could find our rent a car.

That is what prompted me to take a picture of the car I drive to a concert and it sourrondings before I enter the concert.

I can't hear you?