Music Mondays Guster

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Guster is defined by there awesome harmonies and one of the most amazing had percussionist I have seen Brian Rosenworcel. I think the video gives you some hints at his amazing talent. He reminds me of an octopus they way his arms are twist and turn finding the right drum to hit. Guster is very Beatle-isk in thier sound. All the members of the band sing except, Brian Rosenworcel, the drummer. Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, Brian Rosenworcel are the original founding members and Joe Pisapia joined in 2003. Brian. Guster is great live I saw them at the Berkley Theater a few years ago. I rank it the top 15 live shows I have seen. In fact you can download a show from 2000 here. Some similar bands are Dispatch, Ben Folds Five and Matt Costa.

I can't hear you?