Moylans Brewery … Didn’t know it was so close

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Black and orange at Moylans Brewery

Old Blarney Barleywine at Moylans Brewery



I am on vacation and yesterday we got to Petaluma around 7 in the evening. As I was searching for things to do and places to grab a beer Moylans came up in my searches. Actually it was the explore feature in my foursquare app. So we buzzed down there to grab a few beers. It more resturant feel than a brewery. It was kind of empty too. The waiteress was preety cool. She let us have unlimited tasters of their beers. I settled on a Orange and Black celebration ale in thevpint glass above.

The Orange and Black celebration ale was made for the Giants World series championship the bartender told us. This was the second batch where the brewer put more orange in. It was a great everyday drinking beer. A brown with a nice orange zest that brought out the sweeter malty side in the beer.?I closed down with the?Old Blarney Barleywine. Not my favorite but 10% so it did the job.

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