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Resilient: tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

My mom has had so many obstacles or life shifts. Every one of these has had there effect on my mom, but she always has a way of surviving. It was always the next season of life that she went after. She was a single mom for most of my school years. She worked her butt off to provide for my brother and me. No, I didn’t have a deadbeat dad, he was a pilot and lived across the US and supported us too. My mom did not have a college degree, but always seem to find a job that provided a comfortable living for us. I didn’t go without much in my life unless I was punished, that is a whole other story. Through the marriages, the jobs, the different places we lived my mom always bounced back and trudged on. She has taught me what survival is.

Loyal: giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

No matter the things I did, my mom was always there for me. I was a tough kid when I was young. I did a lot of things to push my mom, my dad, and family away., again another story for another time. Though all my challenges and changes in my life, the crazy times and the great times, she has always been there for me.

Sacrifice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy

My mom has made many sacrifices and more than I know. I guess that is a given with being a mother, but not all mothers assume the sacrifice that comes with raising children, I am very grateful my mom did. I look back at my life and wonder how my mom did it. I am a single guy and it takes work to make my life what it is. I can’t imagine the work it took to raise two young kids. She always had a house for us to live in and most of the time my brother and I had our own bedrooms. She took us to school or at least made sure we got there when we were younger. We had to stay with my grandma a lot, when we were younger, after school because mom had to work. I know she would have rather had the time to be with us. I think of the money I make and it is all for me to take care of myself, for my mom it was for all of us and a lot of the time it was for my brother and me. She took us on vacations during the summer. I remember Carmel by sea and Monterey. These are just a small glimpse into the sacrifices I remember. Most of all I think my mom sacrificed her dreams to raise my brother and me, and for this I am grateful.

Happy Mothers Day Mom

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