The less I have, the more I gain
Off the beaten path, I reign
Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond
Wherever I may roam

~James Hatefield & Lars Ulrich

I took this picture on July 19, 2005. This was a sad day. I was here supporting my brother. His twin girls were born very premature and didn’t survive more than 24 hours. It was the hardest thing to see those little caskets being dropped in the ground.

This mausoleum intrigued me enough to take a picture of it. Who sat on that bench? Who are the people that are kept here? What is their story? We all have stories. If you are reading this you are still writing yours.

Every time I look at this photo I think about that Metalica song Wherever I May Roam. The part that echos through my head is “My body lie, but still, I roam”

The idea of wandering connects deep within my soul. I love traveling, wandering, exploring. I never really see myself be kept in one place. Yet we as Americans possibly even western society have a deep desire to have a house and plant somewhere and stay there. I find I struggle with this idea. It too is part of our history our story.

4 Responses

  1. captleon51

    Very intriguing thought you have come with! And yes if we are reading this we al are still writing our won stories!

    • davejunkie

      It is the journey we enjoy but have been sold that the destination is what we need. The unfolding of our life can be a gift into the present moment!

  2. Mom

    The best part is that you are in my story that is continuing and will continue into eternity. Praise God ?

    • davejunkie

      I am grateful to have you in my story as well. To know that we both are writing our stories separately and continue to weave them together bring joy to me the older I get

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