Have You Ever Encountered Vastness?

That stillness and vastness that enables the Universe to be, is not just out there in space…it is also within you

~ Eckhart Tolle

I have sat here a few times watching the sun slowly peek from behind those mountains. Watching the small movements of the sun in its rising. The ocean illuminates as it rises. I can see as far as the earth is round, the ocean just keeps going, and going. The coastline wiggles back and forth until it disappears. I felt so much a part of the universe but I felt the vastness of what I am apart of, what we are apart of.

What we are a part of is bigger than Amazon and next-day delivery. It is bigger than a bad day at work, or even a argument with a loved one.

Sitting here on this bench I sense the stillness and feel the vastness, and I chose to bask in it. It brings me back into connection with nature and with the universe. I great sense of love envelops me when I sit here and let go.

Do you have a place that does this for you?

Where is this place for you?

Day #26 of 30 Days of Photos. I took this photo at a Hermitage in Big Sur At the beginning of this year. There is not cell phone coverage and no internet. It is a place I can completely disconnect from the typical life.

I can't hear you?