Finally, Fresno, the Dave Matthews Band

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To be able to drive home in only 10 minutes,” says Jason Hammack who will be seeing the band for the 14th time, “that’s like the best thing ever.

Now I am famous!! well locally at least. Thanks to @MikeOz from the Fresno Bee for interviewing me for this DMB article. I am pretty jazzed about seeing Dave Matthews Band in Fresno. I just bought 11 row tickets this week and sold my other (not the best) seats.

I haven’t seen Dave Matthews Band since 2001, 8 years goes by pretty fast. I remember the very first Dave show at Shoreline Amphitheater in July 6,1997. I still have that ticket At that time I wasn’t a very big Dave Matthews fan, but my buddy Brian Kerney told me and my good friend, Troy, at the time that they put on a great show. That was all I needed to hear and so we bought the tickets for $25. That was the best $25 I have ever spent, not to mention I was hooked on seeing Dave Matthews. I have seen him/them 13 times and even flew out to Denver and saw Alanis Morissette do Don’t Drink The Water live with Dave Matthews Band. Here are the tickets that I have save over time and I am ready to add another one to the collection. Two Days until Dave Matthews Band is in Fresno …. Yeah

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