Balance Is Not Something You Find

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create

~ Jana Kingsford

What is balance? Is it juggling all things in your life? Are you trying to find where that is?

Looking at this picture I see little pieces of glass delicately stacked upon each other. In this creation those pieces were stacked and then moved, then another piece was put in its place. The process was about creating the right fit for each piece. Then it was possible to stack on top of each piece. This is a great reflection of what life is like.

We grab on to these things in our life. We work hard to find the right pieces that will allow us to stack another on top of that. We continue to grab onto things, shifting and adjusting to create balance, until the point there isn’t a thing we can find that will balance.

Sometimes like Jenga, it topples over, then we start from the ground floor. Creating balance is not a one-shot thing. It is something that is in progress our whole lives.

Day #15 of 30 days of photos. I took this picture on April 7, 2012, in Fort Bragg, Ca at the famous glass beach. in 2012 this was an easter week and I got to ride the steam engine train back through the forest to go find easter eggs. It was super fun.

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