Are You ready?

The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.

~ Leonard I. Sweet

It is Friday and what does your weekend look like? How far do you look ahead? to the weekend, to the end of the month, a month out, 6 months out, to the end of the year…. etc. How much time do spend thinking about the future? Maybe it is to the next meal. Have you ever tried to account for all the time you thought about something in the future? It blows my mind to think how much I actually spend thinking about something that is in the future.

The only thing that is real is right now, the present moment. I have a meditation practice, as I practice I become more aware of the present moment. Yet I still catch myself thinking about the future. My American culture tells me all the time that the future is important. So I find I have this tension with the future. As the quote states, the future is something we create! I agree with this to a certain extent, but really we only create in the present. What we do can influence the future but the future actually never truly exists. How can one come to terms with this tension?

What are some of your tools to get yourself out of future thinking?

What is your future asking of you? Is that something you can do now?

Day #19 of 30 days of photos. I took this picture in August of 2019 on my way to Mammoth Lakes to camp. That is the backside Half Dome in the background. This is Tioga’s pass. These squirrels new they would get food from the tourist.

I can't hear you?